Thoughts about film ‘Blow up’ 1966

This movie shows me how the 1960s London was.
At the beginning, there is a group of young people sitting on the jeep, shouting and being crazy. It shows me a impression of how crazy young people in London was.

But at the same time, in another place, a group dull workers, gives me a very strong contrast. It shows me this is the real ordinary daily.

The protagonist as a young man is driving Rolls Royce, let me wonder why he is so rich. In this film, the protagonist is a very famous and rich photographer.
However, he shows more passion when shooting a couple in the park, than in his studio, doing fashion shooting. This may suggests he is tired of his work and life.
Later, the protagonist finds a murderer in the photos of the park. He figures out a story of assassination.

I think this clearer pistol picture is from the photographer’s fantasy.

Later night the photographer find a dummy lying in the park. It’s strange here. And it seems to suggest the beginning of a dream.

The woman points out the enlarged picture has something in common to the artist’s painting.

Quotation comments from WWW.IMBD.COM
His painter friend describes his painting. `They don’t mean anything to me while I work on them. Its only later that I ascribed something to them. Like this leg.’ Whereupon he points out a place in a painting that might be a human leg. When he paints, he is tapping subconscious language, something apart from subjective and objective reality. Its as if Antonioni is offering us an even further vantage point to the events to come, dream reality.
It suggests that the photo of the assassination, in fact, is not real, is from the photographer’s imagination.

Later the atmosphere in the band performance is very strange. The audience is too quiet.

The later half of the movie is full of strange thing.

Finally, the group of young people, appeared at the beginning, shows up again and they are playing fantasy tennis. At the end even the photographer heard the sound of tennis. This emphasizes and summarizes all this is a fantasy.
This movie inspires me that by giving the illusion of vague images, people can create some story. In the later half of the film is full of strange settings. Although they are not surreal, still are not logical. It makes me so confused. But it is very interesting.
It reminds me of the process of taking and reading photographs.
It can be applied to paintings. Narrative can be created, while different elements and symbols in a paintings. By carefully setting, even if it looks strange, can also make people think of a story. I realize that symbolic elements are very important.
For example, the group of young people in the film, is a symbol of false and imagination.

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