Chef’s Table

This series of documentaries broke my impression of the chefs. 

These chefs show surprising creativity and indomitable hearts. 
In Chefs.Table.France.E03, a French chef, a woman, cleverly combines the French cuisine and Hong Kong tea culture, Creating a unique style of cooking with the soul. Her dishs are elegant. This charater comes from chinese culture.

In Chefs.Table.SE2.E01 
A chef is inspired by artwork, creating a variety of surprising dishes. 
He is questioning the trandional dining form.

He put the food directly on the tablecloth, like creating a action painting.
They created a balloon made of sugar.
His dishs are full of ingenious settings. He creats an new experience.  Through a variety of innovative tricks, these dishs excite customer’s brain.
‘It’s a fun dynamic to be able to surprise people with food.’
‘They turn a meal into a truly emotional experience.’
He is an artist.
He thinks it is his duty to keep innovating.  

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